Video: International Human Rights Day in LA

Los Angeles-

On December 10, 2009 organizations spanning L.A. converged on city hall to deliver one message, ‘housing is a human right’. Nearly 300 members of LA CAN, Union de Vecinos, Comunidad Presente, Ezperanza Housing, CES, KIWA, SAJE, Coalition LA and others displayed a vivid picture of the multi-cultural social justice movement underway in our city. Standing beneath the Sister City sign, a sign erected to show that Los Angeles is a global destination, residents passionately vowed to fight for human rights at home and abroad. They also described housing conditions which indeed violate the human right to housing.

Get up, stand up…stand up for your rights.
Get up, stand up…don’t give up the fight.

–Bob Marley

5 Responses to “Video: International Human Rights Day in LA”

  1. dave wagner Says:

    Bravo to my friends at LACAN and everyone else–pressing for the right to housing. In Maine, there is supposed to be a campaign starting next year (2010) by our Affordable Housing Coalition for a massive infusion of Section 8 money which supposedly may gain some support of the our two Senators, such as they are, Snowe and Collins, We will keep you posted!!!

    • Thanks man. We hope that you are keeping warm in Maine, and keeping the heat on those responsible for dispatching misery.

      In solidarity.

  2. Power to the People! Hasta la Victoria Final!

  3. Yvonne Michelle Autry Says:

    Greetings Dave Wagner, LACAN et al.

    (all evil we shall overthrow)

    peace & righteousness

  4. […] groups in LA got together on Human Rights Day (Dec. 10) and rallied for the human right to housing! Los Angeles Community Action Network posted this video. Just as civil and political rights are important, so are economic and social ones. How can you […]

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