S. Mark Taper Acknowledgement

LA CAN is proud to announce that we have recently received substantial support from the S. Mark Taper Foundation.  This grant provides crucial funding to sustain our legal clinic, which provides high-quality services and representation for low-income and homeless residents of downtown Los Angeles.  The Foundation’s support will help us to continue to address the crucial needs of low-income people through our legal clinic, especially in worsening economic times.

In partnership with the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles and volunteer attorneys, the LA Community Action Network has hosted a community legal clinic for over 5 years. The clinic was created to fill a service gap in downtown Los Angeles, providing education, services and legal representation to homeless people and other low-income residents.  We were driven to find solutions to reverse the longstanding tenant rights violations that were affecting individuals’ access to housing and the quality of the community’s overall affordable housing stock. Additionally, beyond the concrete legal aid that this clinic provides, it equips our residents with knowledge that helps people to ensure their housing needs are met in the long-term.

Thank you to the S. Mark Taper Foundation for its support!

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