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The February/March 2014 Community Connection is NOW AVAILABLE!

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And Ya Don’t Stop!: Continuing the Fight Against the Criminalization of Our Communities

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This week LA CAN members and allies continued our fight against the increasing criminalization of poor communities of color throughout the City of Los Angeles.




On Saturday, over a dozen community organizations convened to launch the California Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign (see photos above). After an overview of the campaign goals, those in attendance broke out into small groups to outline campaign strategies and create an action plan for the next few months. The campaign will be a long and hard fight, but when the event ended it was clear that organizations in Southern California are committed to organizing to protect and uplift the Human Rights of Homeless individuals throughout California and beyond!

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On Tuesday, LA CAN continued a busy week of Anti-Criminalization actions at both the LAPD Commission and the LA County Board of Supervisors.  At the Board of Commissioners, LA CAN members were on hand to let the newly appointed Commissioners know that while the Board has changed, the devastating impact of LAPD’s Safer Cities Initiative has not. We demanded a new commitment to dialogue as well as a Town Hall specifically on the Safter Cities Initiative, which has continued to make Skid Row the most heavily policed and criminalized community in the country. Just down the street, LA CAN members joined the No New Jails Coalition to demand that the LA County Board of Supervisors reverse its decision to create a $10 million contract with the City of Taft and instead put more resources into rehabilitation (NOT more incarceration). See the video above for more information. Stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved in the fight. Until then, ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


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LA CAN and the LA Human Right to Housing Collective at the Joint City Planning Commission/Affordable Housing Commission Meeting in Van Nuys.

Downtown LA for the California Little Hoover Commission Meeting on Realignment?


Mid-Wilshire for Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles Commission Meeting?


Van Nuys for the Joint City Planning Commission/Affordable Housing Commission Meeting on the LA Housing Element?


Highland Park for a Community Pop-Up Market Training?


The people power of LA CAN was felt across the City of LA this morning as community leaders raised their voices on behalf of low-income Skid Row and South LA residents in meetings in Downtown LA, Mid-Wilshire, Van Nuys, AND Highland Park. Whether it be fighting for the housing rights of public housing residents, increasing access to fresh and nutritious food for low-income communities of color, or stopping all jail expansion plans – if there’s a decision-making table gathering, you better believe we’ll be there fighting alongside our fellow sister and brother freedom fighters!


Members of the LA CAN Civil Rights Committee at the Ronald Reagan State Building, (at the Little Hoover Commission hearing) in Downtown LA voicing the need for more housing and services versus further costly prison expansion. Siding with previous findings of the Little Hoover Commission LA CAN knows, personally, that scores of CA inmates would be better served in outpatient settings. 

So, what did YOU do today?

Hoover Commission –

Ok prisoners to be sent to another city.

January/February 2012 Community Connection NOW AVAILABLE!

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Click on the photo above to read the January/Februar 2012 Edition of the Community Connection
(or download a PDF version HERE).