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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr by Fighting for a Homeless Bill of Rights

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The anniversary season of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr is upon us and we are acutely aware of the bombardment of uplifting speeches and quotes that will descend upon us. The collective inspiration and vision is good for a nation that still roils in many of the social issues that were fought then and are still being fought today. But moreover, and importantly, we must convert that inspiration and vision into the fuel that will drive and sustain collective action.

Additionally, the connection(s) between the then and now must be made to understand the contemporary manifestations of structures, institutions and biases that continue to short circuit opportunity for many.

Join us as we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by fighting for a Homeless Bill of Rights.

January 18-19 2014 ALL OUT in Venice, CA. More details to follow.

Fighting for a Homeless Bill of Rights: A look From the Front Lines

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Hollywood, CA–

The food and medical services provided for poor people on Sycamore and Romaine Streets has been going on for nearly a quarter. Recently there has been a campaign by Los Angeles Councilmember LaBonge and “neighbors” to shut the services down. Connected to the shutdown is a larger attempt to create policy that would effectively stop charitable services from being provided on public property. We who believe in freedom cannot rest until freedom comes and will not sit by idly while special interests dictate how we take care of one another.

Video: California Homeless Bill of Rights Launch

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