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LA Times Editorial Supports SB 283 – A Bill to Restore Food Stamp Access to People with Certain Drug Offenses Supported by LA CAN and More than 100 Other Organizations

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LA CAN, Hunger Action LA, California Hunger Action Coalition, and more than 100 organizations have been working diligently all spring to ensure that SB 283 is passed.  We are pleased to see the LA Times agrees:,0,4750480.story


Anti-Hunger Community Gathers to Call for an END to the Criminalization:

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DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – Anti-Hunger advocates, organizations, and leaders will gathered on the West Steps of City Hall at 10:30AM on Thursday, November 1, to call on Mayor Villaraigosa, the City Council and LAPD to stop the criminalization of those who are fighting hunger in our communities. Instead of using fines and arrests the intimidate and crack down on food providers, the city of Los Angeles should be working with vendors, gardeners and food distributors to end hunger in our city.

“All of these activities – growing, selling, distributing food – represent our control over what we eat and our efforts to be self-sufficient,” said Hunger Action LA’s Frank Tamborello. “For too long, we’ve let large corporations determine what we buy to east and let government stop us from creating our own food economy, as well as hide the problem of hunger by pressuring charities not to feed people in public. This is a small first step to reclaiming sovereignty over our food. ”

Across the city, in the midst of budget cuts and a recession, food vendors, urban gardeners and those trying to feed the homeless and impoverished have been playing a crucial role in fighting hunger and providing healthy food for struggling individuals and families. However, instead of being acknowledged for their work, they have been met with citations, excessive charges and often times arrest.

“In 2010, I was cited for growing a sidewalk vegetable garden in Exposition Park, an area where residents lack sufficient access to fresh fruits and vegetables,” said urban gardener Ron Finley. “Instead of telling me that I need to apply for a $400 permit, the city could be working with me and other gardeners to make take advantage of unused space with gardening.”

The broad coalition, consisting of Hunger Action LA, East LA Community Corporation, W.O.R.K.S. (Women Organizing Resources, Knowledge and Services), Los Angeles Community Action Network, and many others, followed the press conference with a visual demonstration of the types of food justice work that are being criminalized.

The group also presented a number of policy initiatives and solutions, including:

  1. The expansion of the list of ‘approved’ street plantings so that it’s legal to grow spinach, chard and other food along city parkways, medians, and bus stops.
  2. The protection of the right of nonprofits, community gardens, churches and food banks to officially distribute free food to the homeless and families in need — without harassment or impunity.
  3. The creation of a street vendor licensing program, so that we can enjoy locally sourced, legal street food — taco carts, sidewalk food stands for hot dogs, fresh fruits, cupcakes, etc., just like NYC and Chicago.

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We need your help! CALL-IN ACTION TODAY and TOMORROW!

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We need your support TODAY to help lift the lifetime ban on receiving CalFresh assistance for people with a prior non-violent drug conviction, and who verify their participation in recovery or treatment programs.

See below for more information! This Action will take 5 minutes, but will help thousands of people receive access to critical nutrition benefits.

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This week, members of the Senate Appropriations Committee will decide whether to advance AB 828, the bill to lift the lifetime ban on receiving CalFresh assistance for people with a prior non-violent drug conviction, and who verify their participation in recovery or treatment programs.

Thirty-seven other states and the District of Columbia have already taken this important step to fight hunger by removing the lifetime ban.

Take Action!

Join statewide call-in days on August 13 and 14 to urge the Senate Appropriations Committee to make the right decision and support nutrition assistance for families in need.

See below for a list of target committee members and their numbers. If you are not in any of their districts, call Senator Kehoe, the committee chair.

Sample message:

My name is_____ and I live in_____.

I’m calling to ask you to support AB 828, the bill to lift the lifetime ban on receiving CalFresh assistance for people with a prior drug-related conviction. People shouldn’t be sentenced to a lifetime of hunger for any crime. Food is a human right, and to put entire families at risk of hunger because one of them committed a crime for which they have already served their time is unjust and inhumane.

AB 828 would end the policy of denying families critical nutrition assistance for life because one of them committed a crime for which they have already served their time. Allowing these families to access CalFresh assistance would help to reduce hunger and recidivism, boost local economies, and increase program efficiency. Click here for a fact sheet on AB 828 (PDF).

Target Senate Appropriations Committee Members

Chair: Sen. Christine Kehoe (San Diego), 916-651-4039
Sen. Elaine Alquist (Santa Clara), 916-651-4013
Sen. Curran D. Price, Jr. (Los Angeles), 916-651-4026
Sen. Darrell Steinberg (Sacramento), 916-651-4006
Sen. Ted Lieu (Los Angeles), 916-651-4028

Contact Tim Shadix with any questions at or (510) 350-9917.

From Seed to Salad!

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Last week, LA CAN rooftop gardeners harvested some homegrown vegetables for a fresh salad that was prepared and served to our members at our biweekly Resident Organizing Committee meeting. Some of the veggies were also used to make orange-carrot-cucumber juice that was served at the meeting as well.

A few more photos from last weeks rooftop garden activities:

NOW AVAILABLE: May/June 2012 Community Connection!

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The May/June 2012 Community Connection is NOW AVAILABLE!

Click on the Photo above to read the Community Connection Online.
You can also download a PDF version HERE.

November/ December 2011 Community Connection NOW AVAILABLE!

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Click on the photo above to read the November/December 2011 Edition of the Community Connection
(or download a PDF version HERE).

HUNGER ACTION DAY LA 2011! September 22 at Los Angeles City Hall!

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Hunger Action Day is Thursday Sept 22 at 3:30 pm at City Hall in Downtown LA. Activities begin on the Spring St. steps, between Temple and 1st st. downtown. We will be calling on Congress to protect programs that end hunger and promote healthy eating, especially the SNAP (Food Stamp) program and others that fund healthy food projects such as community gardens in L.A.

Invited speakers include LA City Council members and Congressman Xavier Becerra, who is on the 12 person committee that will be deliberating over $1.5 trillion in cuts to the federal budget—likely to impact SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. We need a large strong showing to get the message across that people do care about these programs and aren’t going to take huge slashes in benefits without a fight.

 The media seems to think of these programs as handouts and giveaways. They are work supports: there hasn’t been a raise in real wages for workers in the USA since the 1970s. One paycheck used to support a family: now even families with two paychecks struggle. 40% of SNAP (food stamp) participants are working people. We all pay into this system with our taxes and don’t need to apologize for accessing these benefits any more than we would with an insurance policy.

Click HERE to download a flyer for the event.