LA CAN and Partners Join Efforts to Ensure Organizations can continue to work to Prevent Unfair Business Practices

Organizations like LA CAN have the ability to sue private entities (like landlords) for unfair or illegal business practices (like the 28 day shuffle). It’s important for LA CAN to be able to do this because we represent the community and can get broader relief (like an injunction against raising rents or relocation money for displaced tenants). If we stand by and do nothing we are harming our mission. However, when LA CAN organizes against unfair business practices, it costs us money in resources—like staff time for organizing tenants. The unfair business practices law presently allows us to get damages (money) for those lost resources. A recent example is the Huntington hotel case where we were able to win injunctive relief and settled for relocation money for our members who were displaced.

There is a case in the Court of Appeals where a biotech company is claiming that an animal rights organization should not be able to sue them under the unfair business practices law. They want the court to make it harder for organizations to be able to sue under this law and recover damages for lost resources. Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles wrote a brief on behalf of LA CAN to tell the court that organizations like LA CAN should continue to be able to sue under this law and should not make it more difficult to recover lost resources. Several public interest law firms around the state joined in the brief. This will hopefully help the animal rights organization with their case.

For more info, read THIS Animal Legal Defense Fund Blog post.


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