After Dozens of Human Rights Defenders Shut Out by Public Officials Yesterday, Unjust Trial of Deborah Burton Started Today

On Tuesday morning, June 25, dozens of human rights defenders gathered in front of LAPD Headquarters in the early hours to again demand that Police Commissioners investigate the evidence submitted in the case against LA CAN organizer Deborah Burton, and later to deliver signed petitions to the City Attorney to demand he drop this case.


(see past blog posts for more details: and

LAPD officers refused to let the large majority of our group into the Commission hearing room, though there were many empty chairs.  LAPD then lined the door to City Hall East and refused to let people in the public building to make a request to deliver the petitions to the City Attorney’s office.


Though City officials who could have intervened to stop these ridiculous and unsubstantiated charges from going forward did nothing but hide from the truth, Deborah and all of her supporters stood confident and tall this morning as trial proceedings begin.  We know the truth is on our side, but we also too deeply understand the criminal in-justice system’s impacts on people of color.  We remain hopeful that justice will prevail.

Contact to help with court support.  Below, Frank Stoltze of KPCC interviews Deborah about the case.



2 Responses to “After Dozens of Human Rights Defenders Shut Out by Public Officials Yesterday, Unjust Trial of Deborah Burton Started Today”

  1. Re Deborah’s acquittal: Justice has been done, not just for her, but for all LA CAN activists who are targeted in the effort to shut us down. Even as a law student, I couldn’t see how the DA could possibly pull off a conviction. And another great victory: Estella Lopez and Shannon Paulson have had their credibility called into great question, as the jury commented that neither of them were credible witnesses.
    And yet another reason to admire and respect Deborah: while the case and trial were pending, she was undeterred in her work, still out on the streets, especially doing Community Watch, while targeted by LAPD. And even though she has been greatly harassed by this case, which has dragged on for a couple of years, she will still be out there doing the work, again undeterred, though she is probably now even more harshly targeted.
    Thank you also, to LA CAN, for your tremendous support of your people!
    Ms. Jamie Romano
    Supporter and Activist, LA CAN

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