LAPD Opens Fire on Skid Row Corner (AGAIN), At Least 1 Person Shot and Killed

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This morning, LAPD officers shot into a crowd on the corner of 5th and Wall in Skid Row. At least one person was shot and killed. LA CAN is still looking into the matter and collecting information from witnesses.

However, even if LAPD were responding to a crime, why was shooting the suspect necessary?  Was everyone on the corner a suspect? Why shoot multiple rounds in the middle of one of the busiest corners in Skid Row? How many innocent people were put in danger? Were more people wounded?

This is not the first time this happened. Police officers shooting suspects first and asking questions later, and shooting into crowds of civilians does not make the community safer. It is extremely dangerous and completely unacceptable. Community residents will not stand by idly and allow this to happen. We demand answers and accountability!


5 Responses to “LAPD Opens Fire on Skid Row Corner (AGAIN), At Least 1 Person Shot and Killed”

  1. The corner was not crowded, and the guy just robbed the store at gun point. Ignorance is not a good reason to post a crap story.

  2. Manuel Says:

    Did LAPD shoot the robber? Or a bystander?

  3. Gee, I wonder if the LAPD Command Staff will fire the officer because of political pressure, but not be held accountable, because, they taught the officers to shoot thatway?

  4. No problem, here FOR YOU!

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