Guess Who Went to CCA Mayoral Candidate Breakfast?


The Central City Association (CCA) has enjoyed years of unchallenged privilege in deciding the fate of Downtown Los Angeles. Gentrification, mass incarceration and outright banishment to ensure massive profits are but a few tools promoted by CCA and used at the expense of longtime low-income residents of Downtown.  Additionally, because they pump massive resources into the Los Angeles political infrastructure, they usually face little to no resistance while they roll out their visions.

While LA CAN does not enjoy a bottomless pit of financial resources like the CCA, we make up for it with people power, resilience, resistance and community-based innovation.  We have successfully pushed back against the CCA’s vision for Downtown for 10 years, including efforts to ensure that low-income housing is preserved and increased, and that everyone’s civil rights are upheld.

We continued this battle yesterday when we showed up to promote our Share the Wealth vision for Downtown and also insist that Mayoral Candidate Garcetti meet with low-income community members, instead of only listening to the CCA’s ideas for Downtown LA.  The CCA’s “Downtown 2020” plan is racist, classist and exclusionary – focusing on more criminalization and calling for no more affordable housing in Downtown.  Alternatively, LA CAN’s Share the Wealth platform ensures that Downtown is for everyone and that long-time low-income Downtown residents are included in all plans and decisions.

We will present our Share the Wealth vision to Councilmember Garcetti at our upcoming breakfast meeting with him.

LA CAN members posted up at the back door so that all CCA attendees saw and heard our message

…meanwhile, out front…

Residents held a community-based  breakfast complete with street theater and healthy food options.

Returning to the rear exit…

After CCA and BID security made several unsuccessful attempts to remove us from spaces near the back exit…

…Deborah Burton and other LA CAN members held their ground and secured a commitment for a breakfast forum with our community and Councilmember Garcetti.



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