Townhall Meeting THIS Saturday to STOP Special Order 1 and LAPD Spying!

Should LAPD be authorized to spy on, profile, and violate our right to privacy?

Do you take pictures or shoot videos in public?
Do you ask about a place’s hours of operation?
Do you take notes?
Do you draw diagrams?
Do you use binoculars for sightseeing or bird watching?

If you do any of the above and/or many other non-criminal activities, LAPD Considers You a Suspicious Person!!

In March of 2008 LAPD issued Special Order 11 (SO 11), which authorizes LAPD officers to gather intelligence based on “observed behavior.” These behaviors include such everyday non-criminal activities such as listed above. LAPD submits Suspicious Activity Reports to a national information-sharing network which links government and private collectors and users of intelligence data. SO 11 has been edited and superseded by Special Order 1 effective January 2, 2012. The “new” order, while a little more clear in its language, at its core basically contains the same content.


Join us for a Townhall Meeting for a collective conversation and share thoughts about the campaign, as well as develop clear next steps for how people can get involved in the campaign to rescind LAPD Special Order 1 (formerly SO 11).

Saturday, March 3, 2012 10:30am until 12:30pm

Parking on site and plenty of street parking available.
4 Blocks west of Grand station – Blue Line metro.

Child care available
Light lunch will be served

For further information please go to our or contact Hamid Khan at (562) 230-4578 or email at


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