LAPD tases Skid Row resident for Jaywalking?

On Thursday, February 9, 2012, LA CAN Community Watch came upon a police scene at 7th and Maple, where a man was being held down by multiple LAPD officers. Witnesses as well as LAPD (see video above) state that the man was cited for jaywalking. According to LAPD officers, he resisted. However, witnesses on scene also stated that LAPD officers then tased the individual, who could be heard screaming and asking for help.

It is clear in the video that the individual is extremely distressed. Did he express symptoms of mental illness? If so, where was the SMART Team (Systemwide Mental Assessment Response Team)? Was it really necessary to tase an individual over a citation? Were over 15 LAPD officers needed at the scene?

As if the mass ticketing in the Skid Row community was not bad enough, it appears now that under the Safer Cities Initiative residents of the community can be tased simply for jaywalking.


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