Drug Policy Reform Conference calls for an END to the FAILED Drug War!

On November 3rd The Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown LA was filled with more than 2,200 “No More Drug War” warriors all intent on stopping a war that has ravaged our communities. The gathering reflected a truly diverse audience that included, law enforcement, medical professionals, formerly incarcerated people, conservatives, liberals, Hollywood celebrities, impacted residents, and the list goes on and on.

Kicking off the convention was Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, followed by LA CAN’s Pete White, NAACP’s Alice Huffman, former New Mexico Governor and Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson and Drug Policy Alliance Executive Director Ethan Nadleman. It was clear that the morning would be like none other with all speakers, in no uncertain terms, calling for the end to the failed drug war.

Please check out the links below for press coverage of the event as well as the Op-Ed piece written by Pete White that appeared in the Los Angeles Daily News.

And, return soon to view video of the powerful rally and concert held at MacArthur Park’s Levitt Pavilion.

Lastly, stand up today to STOP the failed drug war!

“Responding to a Social Emergency: Drug Policy Reform Conference”
by John Lindsay-Poland

“International Drug Policy Reform Conference Kicks off in LA”
by Ellen Komp


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