Oppose SB 292, SB 226, AB 900

Last-minute bills give special treatment to big developers like AEG, leave out communities and local jobs, attack environmental protections

This week, we’ve seen our legislative process abused for the gain of corporations like AEG. Now, even more projects are piling on. In the last 36 hours of the session several bills – SB 226 and AB 900 – will gut CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) for every urban community in the state.  SB 226 does not streamline, but completely exempts projects in urban areas from CEQA. Period. AB 900, while not an exemption, “streamlines” CEQA out of existence.

CEQA is a vital process that provides information about projects to decision makers and community members so that, together, they can ensure communities are provided important benefits promised, and avoid unintended problems. Communities support sustainable economic development. In fact, only one out of every 354 CEQA reviews (less than 3%) are the subject of litigation, and many fewer of those projects are delayed or stopped.

Hiding under the pretense of job creation (without real evidence those jobs will ever come) these bills create two different standards for the protections of CEQA: one for inner city communities and one for everybody else.

We would share the full bill language with you if we could, but we haven’t even seen it yet – and neither have many of the legislators who will vote by the end of session tomorrow.

The lack of transparency in the law making process happening right now is alarming. We need you to call your senators and the governor’s office right now and tell them to stop shoving through last minute bills that give special treatment to big developers, disenfranchise communities, and attack environmental protections.

Huge traffic jams, dirtier air, displacement of homes, delays in getting to the hospital trauma center, and more for the community surrounding large developments – all without the CEQA provisions to negotiate a better deal. Does that seem fair?

For AEG, the worst that could happen without these last-minute proposed bills is a delay in construction while much need mitigation to traffic, air quality, and displacement measures are negotiated through a CBA (Community Benefits Agreement). If passed, these bills–collectively–destroy CEQA for all the urban communities of the state.

Call Senators and the Governor RIGHT NOW and tell them:

1.     We DO NOT want special treatment for big corporations like AEG and other big developers.

2.     Last-minute laws like this erode public trust, and in the long term do not create more jobs or healthier communities.

3.     Vote NO on SB 292, SB 262 and AB 990. They cut my voice out of the process and set up unequal protections for urban communities.

**If you call after hours or no one answers, leave a message and/or visit their website (links below) to send a direct message!

Governor’s Office

Gov. Jerry Brown: (916) 445-2841

Senate Offices (find you Senator by address on the CA Senate website)

Name District Party  
Alquist, Elaine Kontominas 13 Democrat

 (916) 651-4013

Anderson, Joel 36 Republican

 (916) 651-4036

Berryhill, Tom 14 Republican

 (916) 651-4014

Blakeslee, Sam 15 Republican

 (916) 651-4015

Calderon, Ron 30 Democrat

 (916) 651-4030

Cannella, Anthony 12 Republican

 (916) 651-4012

Corbett, Ellen M. 10 Democrat

 (916) 651-4010

Correa, Lou 34 Democrat

 (916) 651-4034

de León, Kevin 22 Democrat

 (916) 651-4022

DeSaulnier, Mark 7 Democrat

 (916) 651-4007

Dutton, Bob 31 Republican

 (916) 651-4031

Emmerson, Bill 37 Republican

 (916) 651-4037

Evans, Noreen 2 Democrat

 (916) 651-4002

Fuller, Jean 18 Republican

 (916) 651-4018

Gaines, Ted 1 Republican

 (916) 651-4001

Hancock, Loni 9 Democrat

 (916) 651-4009

Harman, Tom 35 Republican

 (916) 651-4035

Hernandez O.D., Ed 24 Democrat

 (916) 651-4024

Huff, Bob 29 Republican

 (916) 651-4029

Kehoe, Christine 39 Democrat

 (916) 651-4039

La Malfa, Doug 4 Republican

 (916) 651-4004

Leno, Mark 3 Democrat

 (916) 651-4003

Lieu, Ted W. 28 Democrat

 (916) 651-4028

Liu, Carol 21 Democrat

 (916) 651-4021

Lowenthal, Alan 27 Democrat

 (916) 651-4027

Negrete McLeod, Gloria 32 Democrat

 (916) 651-4032

Padilla, Alex 20 Democrat

 (916) 651-4020

Pavley, Fran 23 Democrat

 (916) 651-4023

Price, Jr., Curren D. 26 Democrat

 (916) 651-4026

Rubio, Michael J. 16 Democrat

 (916) 651-4016

Runner, Sharon 17 Republican

 (916) 651-4017

Simitian, S. Joseph 11 Democrat

 (916) 651-4011

Steinberg, Darrell 6 Democrat

 (916) 651-4006

Strickland, Tony 19 Republican

 (916) 651-4019

Vargas, Juan 40 Democrat

 (916) 651-4040

Walters, Mimi 33 Republican

 (916) 651-4033

Wolk, Lois 5 Democrat

 (916) 651-4005

Wright, Roderick D. 25 Democrat

 (916) 651-4025

Wyland, Mark 38 Republican

 (916) 651-4038

Yee, Leland Y. 8 Democrat

 (916) 651-4008


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