Support the 12th Annual LA CAN Labor Day Gala!

LA CAN has hosted a barbecue and neighborhood celebration – complete with food, games, and music – every Labor Day for over a decade. The event is an opportunity for folks in Skid Row to gather and celebrate community and the closing of the summer.

Anyone in the neighborhood would attest that the LA CAN Labor Day Gala is one of the year’s highlights. And we do our best to put on a great event, which in the past has benefited greatly from the support and contribution of local partners and allies.

As we continue to plan for the upcoming 12th Annual Labor Day Gala, we hope to continue this tradition. We are currently seeking sponsors for the Gala. If you or your organization is interested in possibly supporting, please review the sponsorship package HERE.

There are any number of ways to give and support. We hope you will consider sponsoring. And if you are around on Labor Day, please stop by. It’s going to be a great day!


One Response to “Support the 12th Annual LA CAN Labor Day Gala!”

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    FREE An BE & CE Do my THang BaBe

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