This past weekend, over 50 LA CAN members hopped on a bus and headed north to San Francisco for the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) Congress. They were joined by groups and folks from up and down the west coast, all of whom convened with one goal in mind – to build a regional movement that exposes and eliminates the root causes of homelessness and poverty.

During the three day event, members took part and led various workshops on issues very familiar to LA CAN – such as addressing the criminalization of homelessness and conducting effective community outreach.

LA CAN and WRAP members also participated in the Great American TARP Tour – a protest targeting the various groups and institutions responsible for the current national financial crisis and bank bailouts. In one action, over 500 people marched to Wells Fargo, a Hyatt Hotel currently neglecting the contract demands of employees, Charles Schwab and various other institutions – all of whom continue to play a role in widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

Demonstrators let these groups know loud and clear – homeless and impoverished folks are not going to stand for increasing budget cuts and the criminalization of their communities while irresponsible corporate entities receive tax payer funded bailouts.

See below for more photos and footage from the amazing protest.






2 Responses to ““HOUSE KEYS NOT HANDCUFFS!””

  1. Great photos and great TARP Tour event! We came down to event from Sacramento. Learned alot.

  2. BOTTOM$ UP From tha LA 2 tha BAY it wuz GOOD NetworKing wit
    Other Comrade’$ we $hould think of $elf Empowerment of
    Tha People. from R $elf iz U$ing R $kill’$ Talent 2 Build
    A Try Umoja (United) it’$ not ju$ about Marching & Talken
    It’$ about $elf help from a friendly Advi$e 2 ju$t pa$$ information
    2 $howing $ome One tha Right Place 2 GO 2 Warm $mile & Hand$hake.

    Clothe$,Food,Teaching,$ale$,Teaching,Product$,Hou$ing Etc,etc You Know if you don’t work you don’t Eat!! (BOTTOM LiNE)

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