LA CAN Back in Full Force!

General Dogon was released from jail last night and is back with renewed energy to promote civil and human rights in Los Angeles!  The City Attorney had attempted to create a new charge and a probation violation, but the judge dismissed those unjust efforts yesterday morning.  Later in the day, he was released from County jail in full completion of his 120-day sentence for the convictions in early July related to the May 21st 2010 police abuse in City Hall.

Also, last Wednesday (July 27, 2011) the City of Los Angeles declined to file any charges against LA CAN’s Pete White following an at-best questionable arrest that occurred during a regular, legal protest of the Central City East Association’s (CCEA) supposed Skid Row Neighborhood Watch Walk.  Mr. White, after being distinctly targeted throughout the protest, was arrested for disrupting a public meeting. Following the arrest, an order to disperse was given and all others were threatened with arrest.  Members of LA CAN and numerous other organizations were simply exercising our first amendment right on a public sidewalk that was not closed to the public at the time.

The overzealous nature of this arrest was confirmed when the city decided to not file charges at this time (although they have the ability to file charges at a later date).

These recent criminalization and retaliation efforts are simply more examples of LAPD and the City Attorney’s ongoing targeting of community leaders who oppose the Safer Cities Initiative and its efforts to criminalize the residents of Skid Row.  LA CAN will not allow these attempts at intimidation deter our resistance and our work for justice and equality!

We will continue our protest of the so-called “Neighborhood Watch Walk” this upcoming Wednesday – August 3rd. If you would like to join, meet at LA CAN at 5:00 pm or at the Ballington Plaza (622 S. Wall Street) at 5:30 pm.


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