Residents deliviver letter to Mayor Villaraigosa demanding changes to HACLA Commission

On June 21, 2011, over 100 residents from across Los Angeles convened at City Hall to deliver a demand letter to Mayor Villaraigosa. In the letter, members of the Los Angeles Human Right to Housing Collective expressed their profound disappointment with the manner in which the Mayor and his staff misled the collective during the process of choosing new leadership at the Housing Authority of the City of L.A.

On various occasions and during numerous meetings with staff on the issue, members of the collective were told that the Mayor would not be replacing new Housing Authority Commissioners until the ongoing investigations of the HACLA Commission were completed. Mayor’s staff also agreed to consider and interview nominations put forth by the collective. Yet the day after the resignations of three Commissioners were submitted, the Mayor announced his nominations.

So on Tuesday morning, residents hand delivered a letter to the Mayor office that set forth the following demands:

  1. Withdraw the current nominations for the HACLA Commission and interview all candidates proposed by the LA Human Right to Housing Collective.
  2.  Appoint an entirely new Commission that is committed to government-funded housing, represents the interests of the residents, is highly qualified and knowledgeable about affordable housing and HACLA issues and policies, and includes at least some candidates recommended by the Housing Collective.
  3. Promote and participate in ongoing dialogue with tenants to ensure open, honest and democratic processes at HACLA.

Dozens also presented public comment on Wednesday, June 22, as two HACLA Commission nominees were up for appointment before City Council. While these appointments moved forward, residents made it clear that there are two vacancies left on the Commission, and tenants will continue to fight to ensure that these seats are filled by individuals who are fully committed to working in the best interest of HACLA residents throughout L.A.

To read the demand letter, click HERE.


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