Less than one week left until L.A.’s Human Right to Housing Day!!

Join the Los Angeles Human Right to Housing Collective THIS Friday, May 20th 9:00 AM Los Angeles City Hall (South Lawn, near the corner of 1st and Main)

Download a Flyer HERE.

May 20th Human Right to Housing Day

On Friday, May 20th, tenants from across Los Angeles along with the L.A. Human Right to Housing Collective will raise our collective voices and demand that the human right to housing be recognized and protected in L.A., including rent stabilization reform, protecting public housing, guaranteeing the rights to tenant participation and decision-making, ending homelessness, and more! We will also speak out against the abuse and criminalization of tenants that occurred one year ago.

On May 21, 2010, tenants and their allies who were fighting for a temporary rent freeze were betrayed by Councilmembers and attacked by LAPD in City Council Chambers. On that day, after months of work and five hours of a council meeting, hundreds of tenants, mostly brown and black residents who had taken the day off of work, were excited to finally see the proposed rent increase moratorium item up for a vote.

However, in a quick moment of betrayal, Council President Garcetti intervened in the process and introduced an alternate motion to send the issue back to Committee, although two weeks prior he had voted to move it forward – essentially killing the moratorium and any chance for respite for rent-burdened tenants. Outraged tenants, who felt betrayed by their very own representatives and supposed allies on council began chanting “Housing is a Human Right” and “Traitors.” Acting President Dennis Zine then immediately called for the police to clear the room.

Within minutes, dozens of officers began using extreme force and violence against the tenants, despite the fact that the group of tenants had already began exiting the chambers. Many tenants were beaten, bruised, and a few were arrested – simply for expressing their disappointment with the Council for not acting on behalf of over-burdened tenants throughout Los Angeles.

Therefore, on the one year anniversary of one of the worst abuses of power in Los Angeles, we need residents from across Los Angeles to join one another in not only fighting for affordable housing reforms and the human right to housing, but for the right as citizens in a democracy to express themselves freely and participate in the decisions that are directly effecting their lives.

All of your voices are needed in this fight.

For more information call 213.228.0024.


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