Press Release: LAPD Officers Shoot and Kill African American Man in Skid Row

Press Release                                                                     May 10, 2011
For Immediate Release           Contact: Becky Dennison (213) 840-4664

LAPD Officers Shoot and Kill African Ameircan Man in Skid Row:
Various LAPD Reports of Homicide in Downtown L.A. Do Not Reflect Eyewitness Accounts    

Victim on 5th and SpringVarious media reports of a homicide involving LAPD in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon do not reflect numerous eyewitness accounts of the killing, according to the downtown-based Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN). The killing took place on the corner of 5th and Spring St. around 12:20pm and was witnessed by dozens of nearby residents.

A few of the media outlets reporting on the incident state that the victim was shot during an attempted robbery, while others describe the man being shot after turning a knife on officers during a narcotics arrest. In fact, shortly after the shooting The Los Angeles Times posted two contradictory stories, reporting both of these versions on their website.

However, neither one of the reported descriptions reflect the eyewitness accounts of at least four different community residents that spoke with LA CAN.  Of these testimonies, not one witness saw the victim attempt to rob or brandish a weapon toward the officers.  Also troubling is that the officers were undercover, not dressed in uniform, and therefore it was not initially clear why they were approaching the victim.

In addition, at the time they spoke with LA CAN, none of these witnesses had been interviewed by LAPD, which demonstrates the lack of true investigation on this deadly use of force by LAPD.

LAPD has not communicated directly with community residents or other vital stakeholders in the area. Rather, they have apparently been communicating with various members of the media, providing them with their own version of the killing.  Numerous requests by LA CAN members who live in Skid Row for an LAPD statement on the shooting have been denied.

Skid Row residents demand accountability and transparency from the LAPD for this seemingly unjust killing.


One Response to “Press Release: LAPD Officers Shoot and Kill African American Man in Skid Row”

  1. Justice Seeker Says:

    A new shrine was just put up on Spring & 5th in #DTLA where last Mon. man was shot 2x by cop, handcuffed, & bled to death.

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