What would a 2011 Rent Increase mean to YOU?

Los Angeles’ Rent Stabilization Ordinance (L.A.’s version of Rent Control) currently includes an unfair 3% “floor” on annual rent increases. This means that every year, regardless of how the economy is doing overall, landlords are guaranteed that they can raise your rent at least 3%.

Low-income tenants are already struggling as it is. Those receiving benefits like SSI or GR have not seen an increase in benefits years (SSI has actually been cut in recent years). And the economic recession of the last couple years has only worsened the financial situation of countless families. This is why the L.A. Human Right to Housing Collective has been pushing the L.A. City Council to, amongst other things, eliminate this 3% “floor” increase. Click HERE to visit the L.A. Human Right to Housing Blog.

The deadline for the Council to take action on a potential elimination of the “floor” on rent increases is quickly approaching, and the message is clear:

Any increase on rents would be devastating for residents, especially low-income tenants. Allowing landlords to increase our rents is simply unacceptable.

But don’t take our word for it. Tell us, what would a 2011 rent increase mean to YOU?


One Response to “What would a 2011 Rent Increase mean to YOU?”

  1. Briarwood Manor [HUD funded] in violation of fire safety, AGAIN — someone will die!

    TO: Attorney Linda Holleneck, Attorney of Record for Briarwood Manor, AND, all interested parties:

    TODAY, September 23, 2011 I appeared in court and Judge Shaela Sabet admitted on the record she has NO JURISDICTION!!! Everything she has done or said on this attached case is VOID! Let me again suggest you study void judgments, and what it means when a judge has “no jurisdiction” — and look at the attached motion. I shall be taking Judge Sabet to Judicial Commisssion, and you and Jack Liu to the Bar. — OH, and filing Federal charges against Sabet! for accepting judicial benefits — “bribes!”

    VOID JUDGMENTS are void, are void are void…all was void before I ever went to court today.

    I was invited to see three people at Briarwood Manor in Montclair. SEE: Penal Code 160. If I am there at the invitation of a resident there is NO TRESPASS!

    There is no restraining order that I violated — any orders made by Judge Sabet are VOID! Rather Karen Brooks has participated in MANY unlawful arrests. You can be happy that I was not arrested today – it would have been one more.

    When I came into the building your maintenance man, Frank Reyes[sp] a convicted felon who went into court on your void order and committed provable perjury — saw me and immediately ran toward the office. I stopped to talk with a resident and we hugged. I then started walking toward the elevator and passed the mail room when a pregnant woman, jumped out the door and demanded “Leave my building!” in a very loud and rude and threatening voice. I had no idea who she was and kept going to the elevator

    Here is the thing. YOU have had another fire incident where the alarm did not go off. On your property: LA’s the Alexadria Hotel FIVE people died because of faulty fire alarms. Up north, TWO people died on your property, and two hundred people were made homeless when the fire alarms didn’t go off, and now you are faced with man slaughter charges for which you were all arrested. NOW, again, in Polly’s apartment, in Briarwood, where the upstairs hall filed with smoke –another incident that could have burned down the whole building with no one who is handicapped, including Polly, would be able to escape from the second floor.

    I shall be making a criminal report against you for AGAIN endangering people’s lives with unsafe living conditions.

    YOU unlawfully evicted me when I complained about crime and unsafe living conditions at Briarwood, involving unsafe fire alarms and then you proceeded to file provably void, FALSE restraining orders against me and had me unlawfully arrested many times — all of which are and were void! You participated in two unlawful incarcerations.

    I lived on the streets of Montclair, San Bernardino County, sleeping in my car, for over a year because of your retaliatory and unlawful eviction (you did the same to residents of the Alexandria Hotel when they complained!) — I am 70 years old and handicapped.

    AND NOW! You are threatening people with eviction for inviting me into their apartments at Briarwood to visit, and claiming I am “harassing you” by being there.

    NO! You just don’t want me to hear their stories of ongoing criminal behavior that still exists in the building.

    I would think to look at the behavior of the woman who yelled at me and harassed me as I walked down the hall to the elevator.

    Several people greeted me when they saw me; they recognize me as an advocate. They are too fearful to speak out with your threats of eviction, about the unsafe living conditions in Briarwood Manor, a HUD, federally subsidized building and you don’t even have a number posted for the residents to call the Hud Manager of the building about violations.

    LOOK for NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE next week.


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