Help End Hunger and Reduce Recidivism: Support AB 828!

No one should go hungry. However, people with former drug offenses and their families often do. Research demonstrates that CalFresh benefits are critical for successful community re-entry and self-sufficiency.

By being denied these benefits, individuals who have already paid their debt to society are unable to provide food, improved nutrition, and a crucial part of the re-entry safety net to their families.

Supporting AB 828 would help end hunger by allowing California to “opt out” of the lifetime Federal ban on CalFresh assistance for persons with a former drug offense.

37 states and the District of Columbia have already restored nutrition benefits to this vulnerable population.

Click HERE for more information. Click HERE to sign a support letter for AB 828.


One Response to “Help End Hunger and Reduce Recidivism: Support AB 828!”

  1. Tim Mackey Says:

    BOTTOM$ UP i really Dig an $upport AB 828 an i will do my part one
    Iz $pread the Word i will Forward thiz info 2 everybody i know thankz

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