Remembering a Longtime Friend: Adrienne Taylor

Adrienne Taylor Collage Courtesy of Skid Row Housing Trust

Remembering a Longtime Friend

LA CAN lost a longtime friend in March. Adrienne Taylor passed away after a long and brave battle with cancer. Adrienne worked in the Skid Row community for almost 20 years and believed deeply in social justice. She also was integral in the formation of LA CAN – she was a case manager at the Rossmore Hotel, where she provided meeting space and other support for the tenant committee that eventually founded LA CAN.  She later became one of the founding Board members of LA CAN.

Beyond her contributions to LA CAN as an organization, Adrienne was a close friend to many of us.  She was a steadfast and loyal friend, honest and direct, supportive no matter the situation, and also not afraid to challenge you when that was needed.

Adrienne was also a mother of three who worked hard every day to provide for and set a good example for her children – she raised two amazing young women and laid a strong foundation for her 10-year old boy.

Adrienne fully embodied one of LA CAN’s favorite descriptors, “Sista Soldier.”  We will miss you deeply, but your memory and impact remain forever.


2 Responses to “Remembering a Longtime Friend: Adrienne Taylor”

  1. Tim Mackey Says:

    $olider in Peace Queen’Adrienne $ee in LA CAN HEAVEN

  2. Michael Paz' Soldan Says:

    I never had the pleasure of meeting you Adrienne. The way Pete White spoke about you at a ROC meeting a few days ago helps me to continue to believe. Your courage, selflessness; LOVE demonstrated in this physical world is you leading by example – Putting yourself in harms way of unconscious landlord abusers by defending/dignifying low income tenants/HumanBEINGS in dire need.

    Showing “the way”, “bringing on the light” – Leading by example (the zen way) you are one of many that have helped make LA CAN what it is today, a mirror of your beautiful reflection.

    Angel in the sky – Yes it is true, you and I have never met physically,but one thing is very true, we are connected through the conscious memory of others just like you.

    Dear Adrienne Taylor, You have served a beautiful purpose while on this earth. You see, that is what we are all supposed to do while here. This simple truth/message is written the scriptures and professed by prophets such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and so on.

    Before “moving on” you fought great battles here, selfless through and through. Now that your soul has moved on, wherever you are supposed to BE now, You continue to be the spiritual warrior that you are.

    I thank you for having a soul ever so bright. Your fire has now illuminated mine. I hope to do the same and so on and so on. On this earth,as long as their is injustice, the revolution continues.

    I have never met MLK, Malcolm X or Gandhi. I have been told about them and read about them. These revolutionaries ,ahead of their time, are engrained in my memory, heart and soul.

    Adrienne, from what Pete White has passed down to WE about you – WE remember you.

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