New Report Presents Path to Closing Disparities for Black Males in U.S.

For Immediate Release: Thursday, December 9, 2010

Contact: Jenice R. Robinson, 202.906.8007 NATIONAL or Pete White, 213.434.1594 LOCAL


New Report Presents Path to Closing Disparities for Black Males in U.S.
By 2025, A Black Boy’s World Should Look Different

(Washington, D.C.) – The 2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys, a broad coalition of national and local organizations, today has released a new report with recommendations aimed at drastically altering life outcomes for black men and boys. We Dream A World: The 2025 Vision for Black Men and Boys identifies concrete policy solutions to close educational achievement gaps, ensure workforce success, reduce health disparities, improve conditions for low-income fathers and improve the overall well being of black men, their families, and communities.


“It’s old hat to talk about how too many of our young black men don’t live up to their potential,” said Rhonda Tsoi-A-Fatt, We Dream A World author and senior policy analyst at the Center for the Law and Social Policy (CLASP). “The state of black men in the United States calls for bold and immediate action. The status quo won’t do. We need fresh ideas, political will at all levels, and a clear vision forward to ensure that we don’t lose yet another generation of young black men who could contribute to the economic and social well-being of our country.”

The We Dream A World vision is the culmination of five years of research and dialogue aimed at taking a candid look at outcomes and conditions for black men and boys and what it will take to improve their lives. The project was established after a series of meetings between 120 participants from 22 national organizations led to the formation of the 2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys. The campaign’s vision is grand. It wants to ensure that by the time black boys born in 2007 turn 18 (in 2025), the nation’s policies and social mores will have changed drastically enough that collectively they will fare far better than today’s young black men.


“This report effectively creates a platform and plan of action to respond to a national crisis facing America’s Black Men and Boys. Moreover, it also creates the impetus to organize our communities and demand immediate attention,” says Pete White of Los Angeles Community Action Network and the Los Angeles Black Men & Boys Coalition.


Currently, less than half of black male students graduate from high school on time and only 11 percent complete a bachelor’s degree. In June of this year, the unemployment rate for black men was 17.4 percent – nearly double the rate for their white counterparts. And among black males with a bachelor’s degree, only 43 percent have a job that pays at least $14.51 per hour, or enough to put them significantly above the federal poverty level if they have to support a family of four.


We Dream A World’s strategy focuses on five areas: education; employment and wealth; health; fatherhood and families; and justice, rights, responsibilities and opportunities.


On January 12, 2011, CLASP and the 2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys will convene a meeting of national advocates and organizations to advance the vision and policy solutions presented in the We Dream A World report.


Read the full report at




The 2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys is a national collaborative effort of several organizations and individuals. The mission of the 2025 Campaign is to collaboratively develop and implement an initiative for the educational, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, political and economic development and empowerment of black men and boys in the United States. The Campaign is currently housed at the Twenty-First Century Foundation (21CF).  Visit for more information.

CLASP develops and advocates for policies at the federal, state and local levels that improve the lives of low income people. We focus on policies that strengthen families and create pathways to education and work. Through careful research and analysis and effective advocacy, we develop and promote new ideas, mobilize others, and directly assist governments and advocates to put in place successful strategies that deliver results that matter to people across America. Visit for more information.


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