Los Angeles Film Festival World Premiere: LOST ANGELS

Friday, June 25 7:45 PM
Saturday, June 26 1:45 PM

Regal Theater
downtown at LA Live
800 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90015

Free screening. Tickets are first come, first serve.
(Theater has 300 seats)

Directed By: Thomas Napper
Producer: Agi Orsi
Executive Producers: Gary Foster, Joe Wright, Susan Klos
Writer: Christine Triano
Narrated by: Catherine Keener

Director Thomas Napper’s empathetic, but tough-minded documentary invites us into a part of Los Angeles that many choose to ignore-downtown’s Skid Row. As we meet the distressed area’s residents, including a former Olympic runner, a transgendered punk rocker, and an eccentric animal lover and her devoted companion, their remarkable stories paint a multifaceted portrait of life on the streets. There are undeniable problems-mental illness and addiction are common themes-but there is also hope and a surprising sense of community. Passionate, polemical, and generous in spirit, Lost Angels finds a unique vitality to life on Skid Row and a stirring humanity in those who live there.

Take a look at Linda Milazzo’s film review at the Huffington Post [click link below]

Huffington Post Review of \”Lost Angeles\”


One Response to “Los Angeles Film Festival World Premiere: LOST ANGELS”

  1. Hello Im the guy that gave 9.8 out of 10 for the documentary.
    The website Im posted above shows some of my videos on the chinese youtube: Youku
    Also I really enjoyed the movie. I tore out the 4 for great.
    This movie is really touching and interesting.

    -One of the best documentaries filmed in LA-

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