We Stand for Just Immigration Reform NOT Criminalization

–Los Angeles, CA

Circle of Conscience

LA CAN stands solidly against any attempt to criminalize people because of their legal status, sexual orientation, gender, color of their skin, etc. Racial profiling is indeed a Human Rights violation and we will fight to see its end!

Today we stood in solidarity with immigrant rights organizations who dared to be different; who said enough is enough; who chained themselves for the world to see. Chants of, “we are Arizona” could be heard up and down the streets and it most certainly found its way into the cells of immigrants waiting deportation. To paraphrase Comrade Sister Angela Davis, “if they come for you a night they will come for me in the morning” sums it up quite nicely.

Real Immigration Reform and stop the Safer City Initiative NOW!

Sistah Soldier ready for whatever...

Raul A. IDEPSCA, a soldier for justice in the truest sense.

the calvary prepares to engage

the people respond!

This is what we say...


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