March 30, 2009 Human Right to Housing Action at a Glance

–March 30, 2010

Hundreds of tenants from across Los Angeles converged on L.A. City Hall to demand that policy-makers; 1) make housing for everyone that needs it a priority; 2) respond to the United Nations report which documented human rights violations that exist in L.A.s housing stock; and, 3) hold a public hearing, in the community, at a time that is convenient for a broad range of Angeleno’s.

Tenants, armed with determination, were prepared to stay in City Hall until their demands were met. Sensing that something powerful was underfoot Councilmember Wesson quickly capitulated to their demands.  He addressed the crowd after our testimony and agreed to hold an HCED hearing in his district on or near April 15th.  Stay tuned for more details.

[click links below to view declaration demands and recommendations]

People’s Housing Declaration [ENGLISH] Declaración de la Gente de Los Angeles [SPANISH]

Photo Journal:

Photographs By:  Nicholas Dahmann

Tenants start arriving 1hr prior to scheduled council meeting to guarantee they secured a space in council chambers.

Union de Vecinos and LA CAN Organizers discuss the current atmosphere in council chambers.

Tenants fill council chambers leaving standing room only for all other business. The following organizations were represented at the historic gathering: Los Angeles Housing Preservation Alliance, Bus Riders Union, Coalition LA, Coalition for Economic Survival, Comunidad Presente, Esperanza Community Housing, Homeless Health Care LA, Hippie Kitchen, Inquilinos Unidos, LA CAN, LACEHH, POWER, SAJE, Union de Vecinos, and our legal supporters.

Council President Eric Garcetti prepares to receive public testimony on human rights violations.

Bilal Ali, Coalition LA, issues community demand and defiantly waits for a response. The LAPD officer attempts to remove Bilal but Councilmember Wesson intervenes.

Communidad Presente's Davin Corona and daughter Amaya speak "truth to power."

Councilmember Herb Wesson is apparently moved by public testimony as his face conveys deep thought.

Tenants prepare to dig in provided their demands are not met.

Councilmember Wesson agrees to hold an official community meeting to focus on the United Nations report.

Tenants gather in the City Hall Rotunda to celebrate their victory and prepare for the next leg of an extensive journey. The mood was festive, unifying, spiritually and emotionally uplifting, and very optimistic.

Inquilinos Unidos member let's it be known that fighting for the right to housing is the order of the day.

"Rumble in the Rotunda" as Herman Jones gets the crowd moving.

Union de Vecinos member stands proudly at the post action rally

The smile and sign says it all, this day is for the people!

There is no stopping the movement that has started. Si se puede, Yes we can!!!

Post action rally in front of LAPD headquarters

CES member fighting for the right to housing

Espy, Bus Riders Union, pumping up the crowd, "a thousand more houses a thousand less police, a thousand more buses a thousand less police"


One Response to “March 30, 2009 Human Right to Housing Action at a Glance”

  1. This was great ya’ll… You can see it on Herb Wesson’s face. La lucha sigue adelante. !Comunidad Presente!

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