United Nations Releases Report on Adequate Housing

Special Rapporteur Report on U S Mission [click link to view report]

On February 12, 2010 the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing released the findings of the first official United States mission focused on housing.  This long awaited report brings the housing issues faced by many poor Americans to the international scene and breaths new life into the struggles to fix those problems.

Grassroots organizations from across the country came together to ensure that the civil society portion of the mission accurately depicted local realities. Local City-Chairs, convened by the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative [NESRI], were responsible for bringing together grassroots housing organizations, housing experts, lawyers fighting for housing rights, and most importantly impacted residents to illustrate  the depths of the problem. Originally brought together by the mission at hand the groups have since organized themselves into a more permanent organization. There are multiple joint activities in the works as well as a push to correct national policies that are the harbingers of local harm.

Local City Co-Chairs:

New York, NY – Rob Robinson, Picture the Homeless

Wilkes Barre, PA – Frank Sindaco, Northeast Pennsylvania Organizing Center

Chicago, IL –   JR Fleming, Coalition to Protect Public Housing

New Orleans, LA – Sam Jackson, Mayday New Orleans

Pine Ridge, SD – Bill Means, Oglala Tribal Community

Los Angeles, CA – Becky Dennison, Los Angeles Community Action Network

Washington, DC – Debra Frazier, Family and Friends of Arthur Capers and Carrollsburg and the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty

Stay tuned because there is truly more to come!


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