It’s Action Time:House Keys Not Handcuffs

San Francisco California,

On January 19th 2010 organizations based across the western region converged on San Francisco by bus, plane, and van. The trek for most was treacherous because of the storm that walloped the West Coast on its way east. WRAP member “Sisters of the Road” found themselves stuck for hours near the California/Oregon border as the snow storm forced road closures. All in all everyone arrived safely and in great spirits, change was definitely in the air.

The size of the rally and march demanded one final logistics meeting. It was decided that we would host a press conference, final logistics meeting, and pre-rally party to ensure that all of our bases were covered. Over 100 hundred volunteers and supporters met at El Balazo [“The Bullet” in English]to prepare for the rally and march.

The venue created the perfect environment for the evening that was plan to kick off this historic event. The walls were adorned with images and art illustrating heroes of revolutionary transformation.

The crowd mulled anxiously waiting for the press conference to begin.

boona cheema from Berkley Oakland Support Services, BOSS for short, kicked off the press conference.

boona was followed by Paul Boden, WRAP Director, who layed out the rally/march purpose and demands in a way that only Paul can.

Other press conference speakers included representatives from Sisters of the Road, [Portland, Oregon] BOSS, [Berkley & Oakland, CA] Los Angeles Community Action Network, [LA CAN] and many others.

The crowd was captivated by passionate messages of struggle, liberation, and the willingness to confront those responsible for abandoning “Main Street” while simultaneously bailing out “Wall Street.”

After the conclusion of the press conference the work of finalizing logistics and last minute planning began. WRAP coordinating committee members facilitated small work group meetings that covered everything from public-safety and outreach, to legal considerations and feeding lunch to more than a thousand people.

And after ALL the planning was done people danced to the sounds of live Cuban music–the perfect ending to a very long day.

Photos taken by N. Dahmann


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