UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing Visits Los Angeles

Amid a global economic recession precipitated by the U.S. sub-prime lending crisis, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing recently conducted the office’s first official mission in the U.S. to investigate the foreclosure crisis, growing homelessness, and concerns around low-income housing with respect to public housing and rental assistance.

Raquel Rolnik, The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, was recently given a very thorough tour of Los Angeles and outlying areas. The two-day affair included 1) a housing briefing at the newly opened Legal Aid Foundation Office on South Broadway Blvd which covered issues facing public housing residents, foreclosures, slum housing, homelessness and criminalization; 2) a bus tour that made it possible for the rapporteur to fully witness and absorb the realities faced by marginally housed and homeless residents of Los Angeles; and, 3) a town hall meeting designed to utilize creative story-telling methods alongside personal testimony to further breathe life into the millions of untold stories of housing hardships.

Special Rapporteur Raquel Rolnik will present the findings of her mission to the UN General Assembly in a public report on the human right to housing in the U.S.  She also released a press statement [please read earlier post] that in part had this to say about the United States housing crisis:

“The number of homeless continues to rise with increasing numbers of working families and individuals finding themselves on the streets,” highlighted the UN expert after visiting Washington DC , New York , Chicago , New Orleans , Los Angeles , Pacoima and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. “The economic crisis has exacerbated this situation.”

While LA CAN was selected nationally to serve as the City Chair to host this historic visit nothing could have been accomplished without the work of the following organizations:

•     Beyond Shelter, Inc.

•     Coalition for Economic Survival

•     Coalition LA

•     Comunidad Presente

•     Esperanza Community Housing

•     Housing Long Beach

•     Indigenous Support Black Mesa AZ communities

•     Korean Immigrant Worker Alliance (KIWA)

•     LA Neighborhood Housing Services

•     Lamp Community

•     Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA)

•     Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger & Homelessness

•     Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN)

Los Angeles Neighborhood Housing Services

•     Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County

•     People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER)

•     Skid Row Housing Trust

•     South Asian Network

•     St. John’s Well Child and Family Center

•     Union de Vecinos

http://bit.ly/12sNxX Check out photos of the briefing held at Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Also, financial support for the LA planning committee and visit was provided by The California Endowment and Liberty Hill Foundation. Without this support it would have been impossible to bring great work and great organizations together.


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