Join Us in January in our Demand for Homes, Not Jails!

On January 19 and 20, 2010, LA CAN members and friends will be traveling to San Francisco to join with allies throughout the West Coast in calling for housing justice!!

Check out the flyer below and watch the blog for more updates.  We hope you will join us!  We will be asking for a small donation per person, but no one will be excluded due to lack of funds.

Jan 20 Flyer WRAP-HUD Action


One Response to “Join Us in January in our Demand for Homes, Not Jails!”

  1. rich clark Says:

    just the statment of new buildings does not do a real thing. for they are more a less revolving door housing.
    and when i heard that the un came i laught along with alot of the other homeless. for it always turn out to be a the door thing and also we homeless have to do things unneccessarity like drug when the few of us do not do drugs. even though the lapd planted drugs on me. i know that that sounds like, but walk as i am.
    and the donators to the missions think that we get the cloths etc. no. the good ones the program people take and if we get any it is the bad ones. which than we are told to get a job. and the jobs look at us and say no. on the food we get them when they are about to turn.
    there is so much corruption that you have to be guided be one like me to know it. so when it is said we got housing i just laugh and cry.

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