SCI Anniversary Report Back & Thank You’s

Unity in the Hood

Unity in the Hood

We wanted to express our sincere thank you for your strong showing of solidarity against the Safer Cities Initiative over the past two days – and a special thanks goes to those of you who are on our Safer Cities Committee.  Please also share with your friends, colleagues and members that joined us that we are not reaching with this email.

Your participation embodies the bold resistance needed to swing the pendulum of change in our direction, far left of center. Your insistence that the creed, “…and justice for all”  be truly recognized for all regardless of economic status, race, or gender affirms that a better day is coming. Your bravery in speaking truth to power on our terms is commendable.  We and all of our members recognize and value your commitment to justice.

International Symbol of Distress, we are under siege!

International Symbol of Distress, we are under siege!

On Monday night, about 150 people joined us throughout the evening as we claimed space and celebrated community strength on the steps of Central Division.  On Tuesday morning, after a few dozen people rallied and distributed citations around City Hall, more than 100 people gathered in Chambers to address the Council.  Councilmember Perry, acting president, promptly skipped over public comment when she saw the number of people there to speak out against SCI and her failed leadership in her district.  While her stalling tactic caused us to lose a handful of people, most everyone was able to stay.  After waiting patiently for a reasonable time, we refused to be blatantly ignored – we loudly and strongly demanded that public comment be heard and it was.

LA CAN members and staff were really energized by the two-day action.  We were able to highlight community leadership and resistance, re-activate old members and gain new ones, and stand together as a broad Los Angeles community fighting criminalization of poverty.   Also, as a result of our actions in Council Chambers, Councilmember Rosendahl called for a review of the Safer Cities Initiative. While small in some respects. this opens some new doors of possibility thus widening our opportunities to finally stop the occupation and human rights violations occurring daily in our homes and community.

unity2Today we celebrate, tomorrow we continue the fight and we are honored to have you by our side.  End SCI Now!

P.S. Below are a couple of the news clips, and it was also covered on npr and other radio, as well as Channel 7.  This is the first year that the media covered only LA CAN and allies’ perspective on SCI, instead of solely our response to the City’s propaganda!!  We’re going to be putting pics and videos on our blog in the coming days, so check it out at

LAPD, Los Angeles Poverty Department, is in the house

LAPD, Los Angeles Poverty Department, is in the house,0,1062625.story


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