Picking the Next Chief of Police

On September 3, 2009 LA CAN members attended one of several community meetings, reportedly, convened to receive public input on the selection of the next Los Angeles Chief of Police. If you comb the pages of news-rags like the LA Times one would be led to believe that LAPD community relations had reached an all time high. However, the temperament in the room was something altogether different. While you clearly had a few Bratton fans in the room the overwhelming majority of attendees had severe critique of the LAPDs  crime fighting efforts and new found relationships with residents of color.

In a city like Los Angeles the Police Chief, while selected, is a very powerful and political position. More importantly, the LAPD budget accounts for approximately half of our general fund dollars which means every dollar spent on questionable has a direct impact on poor communities.

To check out meeting coverage simply copy the LA Wave link below and place in your web browser.



One Response to “Picking the Next Chief of Police”

  1. richard clark Says:

    there is no indication that there will be a change in the perfomance of the police with a new head. the old saying the more things change the more they stay the same. this is the same all over the country. for i have been in the 48 states coast to coast. looking at the missions and the pds.
    they are all money making machines. and if they have to use the pd to keep people quite they do so. for all the missions will let there people steal the items that is for the homeless. for at night i have been watching the missions and the items that are donated come out to the cars of the program and staff. and are taken away.
    i wish that the donators would realize how much of the things that are missed. and the reason why that the mentailly ill and the drug users are not treated is so that if there is a complant. the mission can use that to say not to hear.
    and the reason for the drug dealers not being really dealt with as around the la mission (5 and wall). is to keep the people from speaking.
    if any questions i would be more that happy to answer

    rich clark

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