Community Connection 33: The Ten Year Anniversary Edition

It’s here ya’ll, hot off the press and guaranteed to rustle the feathers of those responsible for maligned neglect. Read…consume…enjoy.

Click the link below.

connection 33_Layout 1


One Response to “Community Connection 33: The Ten Year Anniversary Edition”

  1. Ted L Glines Says:

    by Ted L Glines

    Sparkly globes of red and green,
    tinsel, blinking lights so bright,
    a tree of hope and giving light,
    a birthday symbol, so serene,
    and gifts galore complete the scene;
    a truly wondrous Christmas sight,
    this tree of love and pure delite,
    the prettiest thing she’d ever seen.

    She held her daughter’s little hand,
    no gifts to share, no food to cook,
    their ragged dirty clothes so poor,
    this homeless mom who paused to look
    and wish upon our tree so grand,
    inside the window of that store.

    Please do enjoy your holiday,
    gifting, laughing, happy play,
    but let your heart be Christlike mild
    to help that woman and her child
    on this our joyous Christmas day.

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