LA CAN Members Speak Out on Police Accountability

Downtown Skid Row Community Responds to End of Federal

Oversight in LAPD Consent Decree

July 21, 2009. We are extremely disappointed that the Federal Consent Decree monitor has elected to end the LAPD Consent Decree. We feel there are still many unresolved issues. The transfer of oversight has put you, the police commission, back in the driver’s seat.

We come before you today with this declaration, calling for greater police accountability and transparency, demanding that you fulfill your duty as a civilian oversight board. The end of federal oversight does not mean the end of monitoring, local or otherwise. Instead, this signals an increased responsibility on your part, not the opportunity to follow the LAPD party line.

In addition to the variety of recent reports, Including Los Angeles as the “Meanest City”

and the ACLU’s report on continued racial profiling, the United Nations Committee to End Racial Discrimination, highlighted last month, the blatant forms of racist policing found in New Orleans and here, in Los Angeles. Put simply, the issues have reached the international scale.

Nevertheless, we as a community have been here before, time and time again, long before our great city was named the Meanest in the nation. This designation has taken place under your watch and to date you have done nothing to alter the situation. The community should be used as your one and only early warning system. Instead, you look the other way and choose to do nothing.

The proposed solution of cameras in every car is but a small step. The transition plan needs a timeframe with measurable deliverables by community standards. Poor communities of this city are looking for a true shift in culture and have been waiting a long time. Today, we demand the following for starters

1)              End all Safer Cities programs citywide

2)              Re-Open the officer discipline process to the public

3)              Reinstate racial profiling as a category of complaint

It has become clear that we need to watch the watchers; And we are watching you. It is high time that this commission starts doing its job actively monitoring a department that continues to demonstrate its need for aggressive oversight.


One Response to “LA CAN Members Speak Out on Police Accountability”

  1. I’ve been following the National Police Misconduct Research Project’s ( bad cop news stories at

    for a couple of weeks now and let me tell you it is disturbing how many criminals–sex offenders, wife beaters, thieves— there are with a badge and the power of the state behind them.

    Please get the word out about this site if you can…

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