Reuters: Los Angeles accused of criminalizing homelessness

REUTERS \”Los Angeles accused of criminalizing homelessness\”

Reuters brings the case of Los Angeles’ being the “meanest city” to the sight-line of the international community. What is clearly a human rights debacle is finally being seen by the world. This blog has written extensively about the the ill effects and impacts of the Safer City Initiative. We would urge you to read the many posts and pages to fully acclimate yourself to the real depths of the tragedies.

The list is long…but we need your involvement.


One Response to “Reuters: Los Angeles accused of criminalizing homelessness”

  1. “Unfortunate as it is, Reuters’ designation of Los Angeles as the “meanest” place in terms of its treatment of the homeless, rings absolutely true from my visits to LA. Few other places have so overtly waged war against a group of its citizens who did nothing wrong but tried to survive. The battle to keep people off the streets, particularly in Central City East, reminds one of an occupying army in overseas combat” David Wagner. Ph. d., Professor of Sociology and Social Work, University of Southern Maine

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