IN THE NEWS: Short-Sighted Safer City Initiative [SCI] Earns LA the Meanest City Dis-Honor

Daily News, L.A. is criticized as \”meanest city\” in America

A cursory search using the terms ” 10 meanest cities” quickly leads the researcher to one conclusion, bad things are happening in downtown Los Angeles.  Troy Anderson, reporter for the Daily News, wrote a story about “Homes Not Handcuffs,”  a report released by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty which chronicles LA as the meanest city in the country. A designation which ultimately has let the cat out of the bag regarding human rights violations that continue to occur in downtown Los Angeles.

Mayor Villaraigosa’s Office, which totally loves to play in the media limelight, provided a written statement by an unknown staffer signaling that all is not well in “Tony’s Paradise.” If they thought the written statement would protect them–or cover their butt’s–they are sadly mistaken. In reality, once the political speeches are finished and the rhetoric dies the only thing left are the facts.

In the case of  SCI one  fact is clear, the Mayor knowingly targeted predominantly poor and homeless African-American’s in a scheme that was meant to arrest, imprison and disappear an entire community of Black folk. Why, because his financiers in the business community promised him mo’ money…mo’ money…mo’ money and the help he needed to continue bank-rolling his political future.

In the end Tony [Mayor Villar]  is left holding the bag, alone. The LAPD, who hands down have been the brutal enforcement arm of this wayward ponzy scheme, would not even return calls to offer a comment. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority [LAHSA] which controls millions of dollars, mostly pass through dollars from the Federal Government, also had nothing to say.

As of late the Mayor’s Office has been busy attempting to string together a coherent message regarding his failed homeless and housing plan. But, it now appears that he might have a bit more more explaining to do.


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