After nine-years and running the LA CAN Labor Day Block Party continues to be a hit with downtown residents.

LA CAN continues to fascinate residents and visitors with their annual Labor Day Block Party. From its inception the Labor Day Gala, as its called, was designed to recognize the hard work of residents throughout the year. While most Labor Day events celebrate the many advances of organized labor LA CAN felt that they overlooked the work that goes into broad-based community development. We felt that it was important to recognize those leaders who toil on a day to day basis on a mission to improve their communities.

This year, similar to years past, there was an abundance of laughter, dancing, games and stuffed bellies. One great addition was a community drum circle that had recently formed in the neighborhood. The drummers played rhythms for hours seeming to never tire. Rhythms filled the air and pulled residents from all parts of downtown to the pavement where they danced joyously. It was a beautiful display of diversity, and, what is possible in our downtown community when we come together.

We would like to thank all of our supporters that made this day possible, and we look forward to partying with you next year.


One Response to “After nine-years and running the LA CAN Labor Day Block Party continues to be a hit with downtown residents.”

  1. Trying to reach Pete White, regarding “The Cecil Hotel Law Suit”(lived/stayed-at the Cecil while they had the (28) day shuffle in effect). Pete, not sure if you remember me, you as well as Becky … did a lot of work to help me during a rent action in Hollywood, back in 2006? I said I would forever be in your dept. This might be a perfect time to pay up.
    You also gave me the opportunity to come in on a volunteer basis, but I felt a little out of place, worthless. Anyway, my number is:
    213-784-2415. Still would like to help out in any way I can. Let me know. You guys have been kicking down some huge doors (been keeping up on ya through your monthly paper), keep up the fight. Until next time, Keep the Faith. Peace.

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