Fire in Vallejo: Logan Property Management Building, 2 Dead

The saga continues when it comes to Ruben Islas and Jules Arthur of Logan Propery Management, better known as Amerland. First, they illegally displace disabled and Black tenants in the Alexandria Hotel and found themselves in federal court as a result. Next, the City Attorney brought criminal charges against them for continuously refusing to fix the antiquated fire system in their Rosslyn Lofts project.  In that case the fire department made numerous visits to the property, attempting to gain compliance, only to find that the system remained sub-par.

How ironic is it that Casa de Vallejo, another Logan Management Property, also a historic hotel, erupts in flames killing 2 residents. Our prayers should go out to the residents of Casa deVallejo and their friend and families. Moreover, we should take a keener interest in who gets public dollars to provide much needed housing to those in need.

UPDATE: Another body was pulled from Casa de Vallejo increasing the number of casualties to three.

When will it all end?


2 Responses to “Fire in Vallejo: Logan Property Management Building, 2 Dead”

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