LAPD Runs Amuck…Again!

How I wish that we could talk about cheerier subjects like the weather, our favorite dish, or how we plan to spend the evening. Instead, we are left with those things that consume our everyday lives. In skid row that takes on the form of the LAPD. As of late they have been running through the community as if they were storm troopers. In a display of brute force–accompanied by a cavalier attitude–residents are swept into a wild hurricane of aggression.

In this clip a young man is sleeping in the park only to  be awakened by LAPD officers who subsequently slam him to the ground; aggressively intimidate the crowd; arrest him and throw him in a van; and, arrest his mother when she attempts to intervene. More problematic is the fact that residents have grown tired of the senseless abuse they are forced to suffer. IN the clip you will see residents un-phased by officers that are aggressively trying to move them. While there is no forward movement, retreat is not evident either.


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