Los Angeles City Hall as Slumlord — An LA Weekly Article

The LA Weekly  finally exposed the corrupt schemes that have plagued the ‘redevelopment’ of the Alexandria Hotel in downtown L.A.          City Councilman Tony Cardenas and his colleague Jan Perry assured that the slumlord of the Alexandria Hotel, Ruben Islas received $8 million in taxpayer money for hotel renovation. In return, Islas gave Cardenas $10,000 in contributions and the CRA (Community Redevelopement Agency) approved the $8 million subsidy. The result of this misallocation of funds caused residents of the Alexandria to experience hardships including: broken elevators, no running water, electricity outages, and the constant reshuffling of tenants from room to room.  Many of the residents are senoir citizens or disabled persons. These injust and dishonest proceedings involve wasting the entire city’s money and events like like this must not continue. 

Read the full Article for more information…


Two Tough Cookies

Two Tough Cookies Barbara Rowe and Hilda Quintana


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