United Nations Special Rapporteur on Racism Visits Los Angeles, Including the Streets of Skid Row

Herman Jones [L] w/ Doudou Diene United Nations Rapporteur on Racism

Recently, LA CAN was visited by the United Nations Rapporteur on Racism, Doudou Diene of Senegal. His stop in Los Angeles was part of a larger fact finding mission attempting to gauge the existence or prevalence of racism in the United States. Other cities that he visited, prior to coming to Los Angeles, included Washington D.C., New York/Bronx, Philadelphia, and Chicago’s South Side.

From the outset Mr. Diene gave an overview of his role as rapporteur and the goals of his visit. His function was to collect information and stories that speak to claims of racism. In addition, he wanted to know what steps residents had taken, by way of government intervention, to stop racist behavior.


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