Bill to Re-Open LAPD Discipline Hearings Killed Again

Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero

Senator Gloria Romero should be heralded for her efforts to re-open disciplinary hearings of officers accused of misconduct. Ever since the botched interpretation of Copley Press Inc. versus Superior Court of San Diego County, [the court prohibited public disclosure of personnel records of a sheriff’s deputy appealing his discipline to a civil service commission] she has solidly attempted to salvage a system that clearly was not fully broken. More disappointingly, the court majority made clear that its ruling had no bearing on public disciplinary hearings, but our wayward City Attorney once again got it wrong; instead, his interpretation, despite a notation written by the court, held that hearings too must be closed. 

We must ask ourselves can Rocky really be this inept? I mean think about it, he did not have much work to do in attempting to decipher the courts objectives–those objectives were right there, in plain daylight, in black and white. Or, is the real objectives of powerful unions playing out right before our eyes? We believe that it is a bit of both–clearly the Police Protective League and its vast resources have become king and queen makers, and poor Rocky has never been the “sharpest knife in the drawer.” 

Transparency is needed, more than ever, to finally build a semblance of trust between poor communities and peace officers. As evidenced by the recent rash of killings of unarmed individuals by law enforcement, we have a long way to go in the “trust” arena.

Contact Senator Romero and let her know that her efforts are not falling on deaf ears, and that she has your support.

Capitol Office
State Capitol, Room 313
Sacramento,  CA  95814
Phone:  (916) 651-4024
Fax:      (916) 445-0485

District Office
149 S. Mednik Ave
Suite 202
Los Angeles,  CA  90022
Phone:  (323) 881-0100
Fax:      (323) 881-0101


One Response to “Bill to Re-Open LAPD Discipline Hearings Killed Again”

  1. I have been wrongfully arrested,tortured,jailed too many times, since i reported to LAPD internal affair that Officer Kim(Wilshire Station) was a part of Korean Mafia team(8.16.08). Since then, i get arrested out of my room ,under premeditated fabricated felony charges upon me(2.21.08 at 1042 irolo street, my arrest history did not appear at Korean newspaper’s radar screen).
    as a korean heroic role model, (since i came to USA on Full Scholarship/stipend to North Carolina Medical School,1984), at age of 51, i don’t remember if there were any day passed without my studying english/medicine/great american hero stories/american cultures etc.

    I am San Francisco Grand Jury witness against SFPD police chief(4.12.07, –>click on ‘pic’ to see the real documents),and I am LA grand jury witness against LAPD police chief.(4.2008).
    Web Post Office

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